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Welcome students, parents, all staff and administrators to the Hampstead School District's 2012-2013 school year.


Our School District continues to participate in challenging academic, sports and social activities and programs. Goals focus on achieving excellence in all levels of endeavors. The Hampstead School Board works with administrators and staff to provide an environment of courtesy and compassion in the schools, along with an expectation of appropriate behavior from each student. Exacting total accountability on the part of those who work in the Hampstead School District will allow for a secure academic and social climate. Bringing vitality and energy to the classroom, along with a great degree of knowledge and ability will insure all that our District is providing a high standard of expectation for success.

The Hampstead School Board solicits input from the community so that budget building will reflect what the townspeople need and expect from their schools. Open and transparent communication is imperative if the School District is to provide all that is stated in the Strategic Plan.

Policies are continuously re-addressed, updated and evaluated. Technology is now integrated in all aspects of the curriculum, and will continue to be part of an ongoing dedication to helping students meet the needs of the 21st century. Facility needs will also be uppermost in this school year's anticipated accomplishments. As always, the School Board will be empathetic to the town's financial ability to support the District's programs.

Once again, we meet a year of expectation. Equipped with new technology provisions, students will have the opportunity to accelerate and be self-motivated learners; others will receive appropriate remediation, if and when needed. All students will meet with success within their level of potential.


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Recycle your old electronics!

Recycle your old electronics!

  Hampstead School District is participating in Recycle Forward! Recycle Forward is a unique fundraising campaign that recycles used technology to raise money for new technology for schools, and we need...

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Comcast Offer to Families

Internet Essentials℠ is an ever-growing program that started with the offer of broadband service for only $9.95 per month for families with students who qualify for free lunch in our...

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HCS Weather Update

Find out our school weather by visiting http://www.weatherlink.com/user/hampsteadcentral/

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Lunch Schedule

Grade 1 and Full Day K 11:45-12:10 Grade 2  11.20-11:45 Grade 3  12:25-12:50 Grade 4  12:50-1:15

13 Oct 2011 Hits:1895 Announcements

Getting to a Teacher's Webpage

Click on the Moodle link at the bottom of the front page.  Another link is located under the Student Life menu.  Then click on your student's grade, then the teacher. ...

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Follow us on Twitter!

Follow us on Twitter!


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Try Go Gooligans!

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Hampstead Central School Spirit Sweatshi…

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