Hampstead School District

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Parent Responsibilities:


• Establish and maintain a positive attitude toward education in the home by making the completion of homework assignments a priority in your child's daily routine.

• Provide an environment conducive to uninterrupted study time.

• Encourage a regular homework time and routine; assist your child in budgeting his/her time so multiple night or long-term assignments are gradually completed over the span of time established by the teacher.

• Monitor your child's homework through the use of the assignment notebook.

• Assist your child if he/she is having difficulty, but do not do the assignment for him/her.

• Contact your child's teacher by using the assignment notebook, e-mail, or by phone if you have a question or concern or if your child is having difficulty completing homework within the time guidelines.

• Become informed about before, during and after-school academic support that may be available for your child.